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Florida Hotels Dubai has a fantastic assortment of beautiful restaurants. With a variety of delectable delights you can indulge yourself to a sumptuous cuisine in an informal ambience that exudes warmth and relaxation while our efficient and courteous staff make sure you are treated in style.


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The Al Souq Uzbek Restaurant is the place to enjoy a succulent meal in a comfortable and stylish surroundings, Where our talented chef prepare Uzbaki, Russian and International cuisine offering a daily buffet and a great a la carte selection in this trendy eatery, and where our efficient and courteous staff indulge you with superb service.

Seating Capacity:  100

Hours: 06:00 - 22:00

Cuisine:  Uzbaki, Russian and International Cuisine


Flora Square Restaurant is specialized in African Cuisine including Banana, casara, plantin, semolina, Rice served with fish, chicken, beef goat, beans, spinach, peanut with dry fish and sauces. We also serve continental and other cuisines as well.

Seating Capacity:  70

Hours: 07:30 - 00:00

Cuisine:  African and Continental


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